Favourite Process

March Meet The Maker | Favourite Process
Making natural skincare is a bit like cooking or baking. There is a recipe and you take ingredients and turn them into something wonderful. Each of the products in our collection goes through a process, we take natural ingredients, follow our bespoke recipe and turn them into something special and unique to use.
My favourite process is soap making or saponification as its technically known.
Saponification is the chemical reaction during the soap-making process in which the fats and oils (triglycerides) react with lye to form soap. The word literally means "turning into soap" from the root word, "sapo", which is Latin for soap. The products of the saponification reaction are glycerine and soap. For the soaps in our collection, we blend olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and either cocoa butter or shea butter with lye and different clays plus essential oils.
I find the process of making soap very satisfying and something that I intend to explore more over the next few months.

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