FAQ | What is the difference between a Foot Balm and a Foot Cream?

FAQ: What is the difference between a Foot Balm and a Foot Cream?


Here is the science?

Balms are typically plant oil and wax-based ointments used to heal or soothe the skin. They are thicker than lotions and creams and don’t contain water. Balms can have a consistency somewhere between a heavy liquid to a solid. Balms provide superior protection and deeply nourish skin because they use plant oils, butters from nuts and fruit, and waxes such as beeswax. While balms may feel greasier than lotion, those oils are doing their job at nourishing your skin.

Creams typically have a lower water content than lotions and therefore a higher oil content. Creams are thicker than lotions and are often packaged in jars, tubs or glass containers.

From a formulation point of view?

Our foot creams are formulated with organic Shea Butter and Virgin Hemp oil as well as St John's Wort Oil and water to provide a rich, super hydrating cream that sinks quickly into the skin where the ethically sourced essential oils can work their magic. When it comes to our Soothing Foot Balm (Peppermint & Lemon) we use beeswax, Mango Butter and organic Shea Butter with Avocado Oil and Hemp Oil to produce a thick, green balm with is ultra moisturising and packed with skin loving Vitamin E, Omega 3 and essential fatty acids. Even though the balm is rich in oils and butters, in sinks into the skin leaving your feet refreshed and hydrated. If you suffer from cracked heels or if you are on your feet a lot or if you run/sporty, the Soothing Foot Balm is the one for you.

"After a weekend of markets, I love nothing more than soaking my feet in our new Foot Soak and after drying my feet with a clean towel, I apply lashings of Foot Balm and then pop on a pair of clean socks to keep the moisture in... my tootsies are in heaven!!!" - Mark, founder of Truly Artisan

In short, both products are formulated to be refreshing, soothing and hydrating however the Soothing Foot Balm brings extra moisturising properties as the formulation is richer.

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