FEET | Are you tootsies sunshine ready?

It is that time of year, the sandals and the flip flops are making their way out of the wardrobe and onto our tootsies as we enjoy the sun but are you feet ready for the sunshine?



How to get your feet ready for Summer:

1. Scrub

We have two scrub soaps that are laced with exfoliating pumice stone. When ground into a fine powder, pumice stone is a great, natural micro-bead alternative. The gentle exfoliation of the small particles leaves skin feeling soft and velvety. Use our Botanical Blend Soap or Peppermint & Pumice Soap to clean and scrub your feet... do it in the bath or shower.

PRO TIP: Use our Rosemary and Lemon Dead Sea Soak as a foot soak. Using a clean washing up bowl, add half a cup of Dead Sea Soak to a litre of warm water and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes. After you have soaked then, use your scrub soap to give them a good clean and buffering.

Treat yourself to a Volcanic Foot Stone to help exfoliate hard skin from your feet.

2. Moisturise 

After scrubbing your feet, pat them dry with a clean towel and apply a liberal amount of either our Peppermint Foot Cream or Eucalyptus & Lemon Foot Cream. Let the cream sink into your skin for as long as possible before wearing a pair of clean white socks. If you are extremely dry feet which need some extra TLC then try out Peppermint and Lemon Foot Balm which is an intense, hemp oil based moisturiser.

Make looking after your feet part of your selfcare plan... happy feet, happy you!!!



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