MOTHERS DAY | Artisan collabs

This Mother's Day we have not got one amazing collaboration we have got TWO.

We have partnered up with Diddibox Artisan Flowers and Lucky Bee to bring you the ultimate Mothers Day Hamper. Each hamper contains...

Large selection of seasonal scented blooms in a bubble vase 
Gin n tonic inspired artisan soy wax candle made with essential oils
Havana glass, glass straw, double gin and a 200ml tonic
The price for the Mothers Day Hamper is £65. Due to licensing laws, you can only purchase the hamper from Lucky Bee so please contact them direct. 
The second collaboration is with Diddibox and you can order a lovely flower wrap of seasonal flowers plus a Bee Happy Hive gift set in either lavender or rose for only £45. Check out the DiddiBox website to order yours.
It is an absolute honour to work with two incredibly talented local artisans.
If you have any questions about the collabs please drop me an email,

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