PLASTIC FREE JULY: This month, try and make positive choices when shopping. Plastic Free July is a great opportunity to mindfully look at your daily, weekly and, monthly consumption and see where you can make positive swaps plus refill, reuse and, recycle your plastics.
Refilling your household products such as washing up liquid and laundry detergent has never been easier with the rise of the zero waste shops like Goodness Zero Waste... yes it takes a little extra time in your week to go to another shop and you may think that your refills are too small to make a difference but it is all about the small steps. If you go through a bottle of washing-up liquid a week, refilling it will save 52 bottles a year. There are 1.17 million households in Manchester alone, if they all go through a bottle of washing-up liquid a week and refill it, that would save over 60 million plastic bottles a year... it's the small steps.
This month, be part of the solution to plastic pollution.

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