PRIDE 365 | Support the LGBT+ community all year round

PRIDE 365: As Pride Month came to an end, finishing the Pride Collection and the fundraising seemed odd and it didn't sit right with us. Why would we just stop using our platforms to highlight LGBT+ issues? Why would we stop fundraising just because June was over?
With this in mind, we have decided to keep our Pride Collection and call it Pride 365. We will continue to support the Manchester Parents Group QAVS, £5 from each candle sold so go directly to the group and we will look at more ways to support the group in the months ahead.
The fight for equality is a daily battle, not one that only takes place in June...
- same-sex marriage is only legal in 29 of the planets 195 countries
- LGBT+ members are 5 times for likely to attempt suicide before the age of 25
- 69 of those 195 countries have laws the criminalise LGBT+ people
This list goes on!!!
Be an ally 365 days of the year, support the LGBT+ community all year round.
You will also be able to purchase our Pride 365 candles from Diddibox Flowers from Monday.

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