QUESTION | Cleansing Bar vs Soap

Q: What is the difference between a Cleansing Bar and a soap?

A: Quite simply, the difference is the ingredients. We wanted to create a soap-based cleanser that cleansed the skin but didn't dry it out or leave it feeling tight like most soap-based products. Our Cleansing Bars are made with lashings of organic coconut oil, virgin avocado oil, and fairtrade cocoa butter to produce a rich, moisturising lather. We also add various clays to gentle exfoliate and clear the skin of dead skin cells and blocked pores. Premium essential oils are also added to create our signature fragrances as well as help with various skin conditions. On top of all that, our Mr. Jean Cleansing Bar also makes an awesome nourishing beard shampoo. All of the Truly Artisan Cleansing Bars are handmade in small batches and then cured for 4-5 weeks to ensure they create a perfect, rich lather.

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