SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY | It doesn't have to cost a penny

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO COST A PENNY: Supporting our local makers doesn't have to cost a penny. There are so many simple ways that you can support them...
Like their Facebook page and give them a follow on Instagram. This gives them a free audience to market their products to
If you see someone looking for a specific product on Facebook and you know a maker who could be perfect, make sure you recommend them but tagging them into the post
Share their social media posts, it costs nothing to hit share and it can really help
Tell your friends and family about your fave makers, invite them to their Facebook pages
Leave a positive review... this really matters. I know it's time-consuming but it really does help
If you have had a negative experience then go direct to the maker and give them the opportunity to put it right rather than leave a negative review which could have a massive impact on the business.
Running a small independent  during a pandemic has been challenging but also so rewarding as it really does feel like we we stripping things back and returning to a very old fashioned way of purchasing... supporting small businesses, getting to know the people behind the brand and investing in them. I personally would like to thank everyone who has supported Bee Happy Hive this year. You really have made my dreams come true,

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