SOAPTEMBER | Soap history and our new releases

SOAPTEMBER: Chemically, soap is a fatty acid salt. Saponification is at the heart of soap-making. It is the chemical reaction in which the building blocks of fats and oils react with lye to form soap. Saponification literally means "turning into soap" originating from sapo, which is Latin for soap. The products of the saponification reaction are glycerin and soap..
We make soap using the cold process technique, which dates back to 2800 BC in the ancient kingdoms of Sumer and Babylon. These societies were pioneers in the art of soap making but at that time, it wasn't quite like the beautifully perfumed soap we use today.
It was around 1800 AD, that a Cornish barber, Andrew Pears, opened up a health and beauty store in Soho, London. Here he manufactured soap and added perfume into the product too.
Fast forward to September 2021, and we are about to launch our new Scrub Soaps which are made with organic natural oils including coconut and olive plus mango butter, pumice powder, and essential oils. Our new soaps will drop very soon so stay tuned.

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