So now that Easter is out of the way and there are some serious springtime vibes, we are going to be focusing on The Bee Happy Hive Spring Clean.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be introducing you to our range of facial cleansers and explaining them to you, introducing you to the active natural ingredients in each of them and matching you with the ones that are better suited to your skin type and your lifestyle. It's time to Spring clean your bathroom cabinet, refresh your make up bag and upgrade your skincare routine.

This is the Bee Happy Hive Spring Clean!!! 

Washing our face is one of the first life skills that we are taught, wash your face when you wake up and wash your face when you go to bed. At this stage in life we are usually introduced to soap as the go to face cleanser and it is later in life we find ourselves slipping face washes, scrubs, masks and what other lotions and potions we have been sold in the glossy magazines or through daytime TV into our shopping baskets. But do you actually know what they do?

First off why do need a cleanser? Well a good facial cleanser should fresh the skin without damaging the skin by disrupting it natural protective barriers. A cleanser will detoxify the skin and remove impurities such as sweat, dirt, pollution, bacteria etc. By cleansing the skin you are creating a blank canvass so that when you apply face treatments such as face masks and serums, they are able to be absorbed properly. Guys, cleansing your face also gives you a smoother, closer shave or it keeps your beard well maintained.

Cleansing is without a doubt the first step in long-term skin wellness.

But which cleanser is best for me? Our range currently consists of four different types of cleansers and they all do their job in different ways.

CLEANSING BAR: If you want to keep it old school and stay with a soap style cleanser then our cleansing bars are ideal for you. They are made with virgin olive oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter as well as clays to produce a soap that has a very rich lather which cleanses the skin but doesn't leave it feeling dry and tight. Our Activated Charcoal Cleansing Bar is ideal for those with problem/oily skin.

CLEANSING BALM: A cleaning balm is another way of formulating an oil based cleanser in our case we use coconut oil, rosehip and pomegranate oil along with local honey to produce a cleanser which melts through dirt, grease and makeup. We also add organic chamomile essential oil to soothe the skin. Our Chamomile Cleansing Balm is one of our bestsellers.

CLEANSING OIL: Cleaning your face with an oil may seem a little odd but the science is simple... like attracts like. Oil melts away grease, dirt and grime from the skins surface. Simply apply it by massaging it into the skin and remove with a damp flannel or our reusable cleansing pads. Our Cleansing Oil is fragrance free making it ideal for makeup removing.

FACE MASK POWDER: Our collection of clay based face mask powders are designed to be a weekly treat, a touch of self care. Clay based masks are excellent for absorbing oil, dirt and grease from the skin and they work to draw out the impurities, they clarify congested skin and calm breakouts. They also leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Looking for some TLC for your skin? Try our Rejuvenating Face Mask Powder with geranium rose and patchouli essential oils.

So that breaks down the difference between the types of cleansers that we sell. Over the next few blog posts we shall introduce you to the key ingredients and why we use them in our formulas.

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