VIBE | Plan, simplicity, gentle & focus

Well it's Bank Holiday Monday and we are getting ready to get back to work tomorrow. Everything feels very slow and quiet today, the perfect time to think about our vibe for the month ahead. With it being the start of a new year plus the powerful energy of the new moon in Capricorn, the vibe for January is going to be PLAN.
January is a time to clear the decks, start again, reboot, set new intentions, and make a plan for the months ahead. PLAN is our vibe for January, making plans, reviewing goals, and reflecting on what we achieved in 2021. Along with PLAN, our vibe includes FOCUS, SIMPLICITY, AND GENTLE.
- Focus. Focusing on the year ahead for our business and putting a plan together for development... products, social media, markets etc. From a self-care perspective, focus on yourself and set personal goals as well as professional ones but remember to be gentle with yourself too.
- Simplicity. Christmas is our busiest time of the year, both November and December are our busiest months with our focus being totally on making products, packing orders, and markets. January is a time to slow things down, reflect, take stock and look ahead. Keep things as simple as possible.
- Gentle. Being a little gentler with ourselves after such a busy eight weeks and then a busy time with family over Christmas and New year. January is a time to be gentle, take it slow and focus on our wellbeing, health, and self-care.
January can be bleak but it can also be a period of great transformation. Use this time to reflect, plan, set goals. Have a clear-out both mentally and physically. Look at spending time on yourself, maybe start a new morning routine. Put yourself first, learn to say no without explanation. Get out in nature. Focus on what makes you happy and where you want to be this time next year.
What is your vibe for January?

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