As we say goodbye to the Christmas tree and the festive decorations, the green glossy holly bush with its vibrant red berries stands out in the gardens and hedgerows.
It is no wonder that holly has long been associated with folklore and legends. One of these legends has had me fascinated for many years... The Holly King. Folklore has it, the Holly King is an old man with hair and beard as white of snow with a green cloak and a crown made from holly. He is born in the Autumn and his powers are strongest at Midwinter/Yule before being killed off by the Oak King at the start of the Summer after an epic battle between the two in the Spring.
The Holly King and the Oak King feature heavily in the folklore surrounding the Wheel of the Year, the core inspiration for our home fragrance collection. I love Holly King artwork and have added some of my faves.
We shall be exploring more about the folklore which surrounds the Wheel of the Year. Look out for further posts.

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