WOLF MOON | Self-care rituals

Tonight we witness the first full moon of 2022, the Wolf Moon. For some the full moons come and go and for others (like me) the full moons can often prove challenging.


Whether you believe in the energy of a full moon or not, you can never have enough excuses to give yourself some much needed selfcare. For me, I can often feel a shift in my energy a day or two before a full moon. I often appear to be irritable, I can often turn into a walking dustbin eating everything in sight, and I can often feel tired and in need of withdrawing from everything and just being by myself. I have learned to identify and deal with these symptoms, giving myself time to just be. 



1. Journal. I journal most days, it really is a great way to get the contents of my head onto paper. It really allows to me have a conversation with myself about how I am feeling and about situations in my life. Today, sit down and journal about how you are feeling. Think about the areas in your life that need balance and where you can tip the scales to add harmony to your life.

2. Meditation/Yoga. Today is a great day to spend sometime with you and there is no better way than by taking a yoga class and/or a meditation. I use the Calm App but there are loads of great resources for both out there.

3. Bathe. Full moon days can be stressful and exhausting. Make time for a bath, light candles, add some mineral salts to your water and a couple of drops of essential oil... lavender or frankincense. Take a pot of tea in with you or even a glass of wine. Spend some time reading your book or just thinking about how far you have come and what you want to let go of. This is your time, disconnect, turn your phone off or pop it on silent.

4. Let go. The full moon is all about letting go. What no longer works for you, people and situations that are stopping you from achieving your goals and the habits, cycles and addictions that are keeping you back. Be honest with yourself... what do you need to change? What do you need to let go of? Write them down and set clear intentions to do better and be better.

5. Nature. There is nothing better than witnessing the full moon in all its glory whilst connecting with nature. Make some time this evening to get out and go for a walk... why not make it an event, invite your buddies. Sit and look up at the wonderful moon. 


A full moon day is a wonderful time to stop and spend some time with YOU. Step off the hamsters wheels, retreat and focus on you and your life.

Whatever you are doing today, make time for you and make time for the glory of a full moon even if it just looking up at the night sky as you put the bins out or close the curtains.


Full moon blessings to you.

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