LAMMAS | The Grain Harvest

Lammas | Celebrated on August 1st

Lammas is also know as Lughnassadh, Lugnasad

It is now high Summer and even though the Sun is loosing it's strength it is still basking us in it's glory and it is time for us to celebrate the first harvest. Lammas is the celebration of this first, Grain Harvest, a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance. In terms of the Wheel of the Year, the harvests come in three parts:

  • Lammas is the First Harvest, the Grain Harvest
  • Mabon or the Autumn Equinox is the Second Harvest, The Fruit Harvest
  • Samhain is the third and Final Harvest, The Nuts and Berries Harvest

Gratitude: Lammas is a time to stop and give thanks for the access that we have to food from all around the world. It is a time to stop and thank about how we get the food that we each... think about it, these days it is with great ease as the farmers, fishermen and food producers all work hard to ensure that the food available for us. The supermarkets and shops ensure that the food is on the shelves for us to simply walk in and purchase. In today's modern world it is easy to take all of this for granted and Lammas is a great time to stop and think about all of the people and processed involved in ensuring that we have food to eat. Think about the bees pollinating the plants, the rain watering the seeds, the farmer sowing and harvesting, the truck drivers moving our food from the warehouse to the shops... give thanks for it all.

Lammas also has great personal significance as it is a time for reflection and gratitude. At the start of the year we are asked to make wishes, set goals and define our intentions for the year ahead, for our lives for our careers... Lammas is a time to stop and think about how far we have come. Just as the farmer sows the seeds in the Spring and they now reap the harvest, they same can be said for our dreams and goals. Have your seeds flourished into a bountiful harvest? Has all of your nurturing paid off? This about where you were and where you are today, celebrate your own personal harvest and think about the future... what seeds shall you sow next? Give thanks for your personal harvest, be grateful for the abundance in your life and be thankful for the lessons that have presented themselves to you. If your harvest hasn't been as bountiful as you had hoped take some time to think about why? Did you care for those seeds of intention enough? Did you do all you could to help them grow? Reflect and learn so that next years harvest will be better.

Celebrate Lammas with our Wheel of the Year candle which is dedicated to the Grain Harvest. It's bespoke blend of ethically sourced cedarwood, pine and patchouli reminds us of the golden fields of wheat, the first leaves to fall from the trees and the warmth of the Summer sun.

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