The Argan Oil that we use in our facial oils comes direct from source, from women-run cooperatives in T'manar, South Morocco.

The women meticulously collect the Argan nuts, crack them open to reveal the dry, fleshy pulp inside, which is then recycled as a highly nutritious animal feed. The kernels inside are then cold pressed to release the liquid gold within.

Our supplier works directly with local families which means the cooperatives can continue to expand their operations and encourage more families to join the growing network, in turn providing a vital, reliable source of income, better education and access to healthcare for all. The number of cooperatives has grown significantly over the years empowering the women of rural Morocco and forming a network of support.

The Argan forests are a crucially important defender against desertification. The robust trees can grow on the fringes of desert, where few others can survive and thanks to their deep roots, they prevent desert encroachment and protect from soil erosion.

Argan Oil can be found in the following Truly Artisan products

Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Nighttime Facial Oil

Nourishing Beard Oil

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