Artisan Hair Care | Lower carbon foot print

Isn't it time you switched to shampoo bars and solid conditioners?
Q: Why should I stop using bottled hair care products and switch to shampoo bars and solid conditioners?
A: Shampoo bars and solid conditioners have a lower carbon footprint which means you are doing more than just kicking out the single-use plastics
- Shampoo bars have a lower carbon footprint than their liquid counterparts which makes them an easy swap if you want to reduce your own carbon emissions.
- The ingredients in most shampoo bars are less refined and treated than those in a standard bottle. That means there’s less intensive manufacturing involved both in the product and the packaging.
- Better still, because they’re much smaller than bottles. A lorry full of shampoo bars holds roughly the same amount of washes as 15 lorries carrying liquid shampoo bottles. That’s fewer carbon emissions spent in transportation.
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