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And the Wheel turns, this time to Beltane, the peak on Spring and the beginning of Summer. Celebrated from April 30th to May 1st, Beltane highlights the abundant fertility in the natural world, it honours life, growth and renewal. Where Imbolc and Ostara are about planting your seeds of intention, Beltane is the time to bring those hopes and dreams into reality. Nurture your seeds of intention and watch them flourish.
It’s also a time to have some fun…
Get out in nature and look out for the first blossoms of the Hawthorne
Spend time with family and friends, share food and why not try some mead
Get your sexy on… go on. Beltane is all about passion, fertility and love making
Look out for May Day celebrations and get involved
Selfcare for Beltane
Each Wheel of the Year sabbat gives us a great opportunity to embrace some much needed selfcare...
Inner Fire
In theme with the traditional Beltane fires, it's time to go within and see what is dampening your inner fire... what can you do to stoke it so that it burns bright? 
Since your inner fire represents the most inner core of your being it is important to go with your gut when identifying problem areas. Take time to sit with yourself and when possible journal your thoughts and feelings. Consider the activities that make you feel invigorated and fulfilled, have you been neglecting them lately? It's time to put your needs first, get selfish and do what makes your inner fire roar.
If you planted your seeds of intention earlier in the year then now is the time to nurture them. Look back at your dreams and goals and see what you can do to push forward with them. Are you fully committed to making them flourish? How can you make them grow stronger? This is the time to nurture and support your dreams. If you have gone off track, don't worry, this is the time to get back on track. Take sometime to think about where you want to be and who you want to be... focus and nurture.
Burnout is a common issue in the modern world and it often manifests as physical symptoms and can often be remedied through attention to your physical health. Focus on clean eating, exercise, and getting restful sleep. Practice meditation, yoga and/or journaling, plus get out in nature and disconnect from the digital world. Find ways to create balance between your inner and outer self.
While it’s true literal fertility is a big focus for the Beltane season, fertility is also representative of personal growth, creativity, and the seeds (or in this case, spark of creativity) that grows into the full manifestation of our desires. Have you a new idea or project to work on? This is the time to conceive it. Give it life. Work on it.
Beltane is all about creativity, fertility and passion... you can harness these themes are put them into your modern day life to help you reach your goals. Get creative, make things happen. Nurture your seeds and bring life to your dreams. Be passionate about what makes you happy and about your dreams. Your passion is your inner fire and the brighter that fire burns the greater your power the manifest your dreams. 
Beltane blessings.

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