Cold Moon | All you need to know

Somehow, we have already reached the end of 2022. December is in full swing and with it comes another enchanting full moon. Whether you're spending time with loved ones or enjoying the crisp, chilly air of winter solo, you may be seeking end-of-year guidance ahead of 2023. For that, I recommend looking to the night sky — specifically to our nearest neighbour, the moon. 

On Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 04.07am, the full moon in Gemini, sometimes known as the "Cold Moon," will arrive.

Before we get to the astrological significance of this month, a brief history lesson on the name. Like many names for full moons throughout the year — the Strawberry Supermoon, the Blood Wolf Moon, the Harvest Moon, among others — this moniker has deep roots. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, these often originate from "Native American, Colonial American, or other traditional sources passed down through generations." In the case of December’s full moon, the "Cold Moon" title is a Mohawk name that recognizes the weather that often accompanies this time of the year.

This full moon will be in Gemini, an air sign, the energy of which is quick, changeable, and dual. With Gemini, we always have a choice. This one or that. It is left or right. Perhaps both? Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, is all about how we communicate and how we relate to others. It is ruled by Mercury, is the fastest planet in the solar system, making its orbit around the Sun in a mere 88 days.

  • Look out for information that is being relayed to you
  • Looking for the answer to a dilemma or situation? The answer is out there or is it within
  • Sit down with friends, colleagues and partners... and listen. They may just have a new perspective on things
  • Listen to your inner voice, look out for those nudges from the Universe

The full moon is a wonderful time to do some work on yourself, get out and look at the moon and howl if you dare.

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