Earth Day | We are doing our bit

Today is Earth Day, a chance for us to think about the impact that our business has on the planet.
From the start, the planet has been at the heart of our business, and even though we are a small business, we are trying our best to do good...
- Our products are formulated using ingredients that have not been tested on animals. We support no animal testing.
- We use simple packaging with a no-fuss, no excess approach to how our products are packaged.
- The packaging that we use is free from single-use plastic and it can be reused or recycled.
- All inbound packaging is sorted and reused where possible or recycled.
- All of our products are free from palm oil.
- Our products are formulated with ethically sourced essential oils.
- We use fairtrade cocoa butter.
The future has to be green and as a small business, we are always looking at we can do more and do better.
Find out more about our ethos here:

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