The energy of the Capricorn Full Moon is about control and balance. It is a time to stop trying to control every element of your life... your work, your relationships, your friendships. It is time to take your foot of the gas and just let things be. It is said that the harder you try and control something, the further you push it away and this is certainly true for our dreams and ambitions.

This is a great time to look at your "work life balance" and seeing where you can make adjustments so that you enhance your life and the life of those that are around you. Let's be honest, are you working too much and neglecting your inner circle or are you living your best life and not focusing on work and your goals? 

We are now in the latter half of the year and it is time too look at our goals and get realistic. Have we been pushing to hard to achieve a goal? Are we pushing that goal further away by being hard headed or ruthless? If you are obsessing about your goals is some other area of your life suffering? Are you planning too much? Are you micro managing your goals? These are very important questions to ask and answer honestly... are you pushing your dreams away by being "too much" of a control freak. Maybe, and just maybe, if you took some time to relax, your dream might just come to you.

Check in with the basics too... are you being grateful? are you forgiving? are you being of service? Even though times are tough right now, don't neglect your needs, make time to meditate, journal, selfcare, therapy... arm yourself with the tools to handle whatever life throws at you.

We are in strange, uncertain times right now and that often flips us into a feeling that we need to try and control everything so that we feel like are doing all we can. The reality is, this can often make things worse. Put energy into what you knowingly control and try to leave the rest up to the Universe, after all, what will be will be.

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