Well I don't know about you but I could certainly feel the huge shift in energy this week on the lead up to yesterdays New Moon in Cancer... what a crazy, emotional week which seems to have changed now that the New Moon has arrived.

This new moon is a great time to check in with your goals. We are half way through the year and it is a great time to see how far you have come, what hasn't worked and what areas need some more work. This is a great time to tweak your plans or even redefine them now that you know more... remember you can rewrite goals again and again until there are totally inline with what you want to achieve.

Think about what a crab (the sign for Cancer) looks like. Think about it's hard shell protecting its soft, vulnerable body. Are you being too hard on yourself? Are you being overprotective, insecure, worried? Are you been moody or grumpy with these around you? Ask yourself why and think about how you can work on being more open around these matter, more free flowing. If you don't already meditate then this is the time to start.

Make a promise to look after yourself this month, think about how you can give yourself some self-care and some overdue nurturing. For me personally, I can really feel the need to eat healthy, cut out the booze and I really want to focus on getting my steps whilst enjoying sometime in nature. I also feel a deep need to focus on my daily routine of meditation and journaling, something that I have not done for a while. I can really feel a calling to look after myself and to do what makes me feel good. Obviously all of our self-care needs are different so take some time to tune into what it is that you need.

If you haven't spent time with your family or those that you consider to be family, then now is the time to change that. Make sometime for your nearest and dearest. If there is any family tension or drama, then look at how you can resolve it.... family and those that you consider to be family matter.

And finally, my favourite part about a water sign... bathe!!! I don't just mean take a quick bath, I mean bathe. Make it an experience, light candles, infuse the water with scented oils or salts, disconnect from your phone and just relax. I mean it doesn't have to be a bath, if you have access to a pool, river or even the sea then get in!!! Use this time to unwind... brilliance often follows unwinding.

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