ORIGIN STORY | Coconut Oil

Hand crafted in Ghana, using traditional methods going back hundreds of years, the organic coconut oil that we use is produced by a group of women's cooperatives, harnessing the power of the nature around them to make an incredible, sustainable product.

The coconut oil that we use is sourced from Ghana, from an ethical company that holds traditional values and sustainable production at its core. Committed to sustainable production and export of coconut oil, they practice social and environmentally responsible business ethics and work with women’s cooperatives to export high quality, traditionally hand-crafted products from West Africa. The company supports the women to organise themselves into structured cooperatives and provides training on how to grow, cultivate and manufacture premium coconut oil. 

The organic virgin coconut oil is produced using traditional methods going back hundreds of years. It is extracted using the wet processing method, which means fresh coconut milk is mashed with water, and the oil is separated by fermentation.

There is no heat involved, preserving all the incredible nutrients. The coconuts are processed straight from the fields to the production facility so we can track our product from the land it's grown own all the way to a production facility in South Wales. This process results in 100% pure, organic extra virgin coconut oil which we then use in our Chamomile Cleansing Balm. It is grown and manufactured to organic standards and is certified organic by the Soil Association.

This project empowers women and their communities and ensures a reliable income. It means the women have a secure future so they can provide for their families. The women are supported in growing and producing the oil in line with Organic and Fair for Life principles, meaning they receive a higher income for their products and it ensures there is a market for this premium coconut oil. By supporting the community, it eliminates the need to extract from the forest to supplement poor income and contributes to conservation efforts. By working locally, the company ensures minimum disruption to the traditional way of life and can promote cultural and social integrit

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