Skincare Tips | Winter

Caring for skin during winter takes just a little extra time and effort because the conditions are rather extreme for our tender protective barrier. Skin gets exposed to the elements: cold air whipping wind sun reflecting off snow. Low humidity is common in colder climates stealing moisture from skin every second of every day. And indoors it's blasted with dry heat. These tips will help you to look after your skin in the Winter months.

1. Apply sunscreen

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean the sun isn't affecting your skin. The sun reflecting off snow means UV rays are hitting you from additional angles.

2. Increase your water intake

Increasing your water intake will help hydrate your skin.

3. Switch to a facial oil

Switch to a nourishing facial oil like our Rejuvenating Facial Oil in the Winter; your skin will appreciate it. Apply 30 seconds after cleansing and toning to lock in moisture and prevent dehydration 

4. Avoid cleansers with glycolic or salicylic acid

It's a good idea to trade in your current face cleanser and body wash for a more moisturizing hydrating cleanser in Winter particularly if your usual choice contains drying ingredients like glycolic or salicylic acid. Why not swap to our Pink Clay Cleansing Bar?

5. Avoid breakout triggers

Winter skin is more fragile so if you have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis be sure to avoid any irritants or allergens that you know flare your condition.

6, Hydrate with a face mask

Treat yourself to some pamper time and make your selfcare a priority. Add some natural honey or some rosewater to our Rejuvenating Face Mask Powder and at the botanical extracts soothe and hydrate your skin.

With a little extra TLC you can have soft smooth radiant skin all winter long.


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