Here are our top tips for when using our 100% natural, Face Mask Powders.

Firstly, choose a face mask to suit your skin type:

Dry, Oily or Combo skin type.

And then...

Use a brush to apply your mask, it’s easier and cleaner, and you don’t get clay all over your hands. 

Don’t let your mask fully dry out. This is where the mask will start to draw out moisture from your skin, which can leave it dry and itchy, which is definitely not the result you’re looking for! 

The point at which you should remove the mask is when it starts changing colour but is still sticky. Never let it get all cracked and dry. 

If you want to keep the mask on for longer, keep a water spritzer handy and simply spray your face every time you feel like the mask is getting too dry. 

A warm flannel or wash cloth can help you remove the mask rather than just rinsing, or you could just go in the shower and then the running water will do all the work for you! 

You can finish off your pamper session by moisturising your skin with our fast absorbing oil Rejuvenating Facial Oil.

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