Face Mask Powders

Facial masks are considered facial treatments to apply every so often rather than to use as daily skincare. This is mainly because of the concentrated ingredients facial masks tend to contain. Applying a favourite Truly Artisan facial mask and letting it work its skincare magic can be one of the best ways to unwind after a long week.


How to activate your Truly Artisan Face Mask Powder:

  • How you activate your mask is down to personal choice, but you can use hydrosols, toners, or water. Take a teaspoonful of powder in a glass bowl and add the liquid of your choice. You can add more or less liquid to the powders depending on how creamy you like your mask to be.
  • Apply the mask to your face with a mask brush. Try not to let it dry completely, but if that happens, spray some water or toner on the skin. Dried masks are very uncomfortable as they can drag and hurt the skin.
  • Before washing the mask off, try to rub the skin gently with damp fingertips. The diatomaceous earth and the rice powder allow this mask to be transformed into a gentle exfoliant.
  • Wash the mask off fully, pat your skin dry and then apply your truly Artisan facial oil.