Our aim to to offer our customers a totally transparent business model which gives them total confidence both in our manufacturing process (which is still in our home kitchen), our ingredients and our ethos. We live in a filtered world where it is hard to see what is real and what is not. Our ethos is 100% us, it is the very core of our business and as we grow, so will our ethos.

OUR ETHOS: Do good, be good and make good things happen

"That's great guys but how?" we here you say, well let us introduce you to the more finer details...

Legal Requirements

Each product in the Truly Artisan collection has been formulated in house using our own recipes. Our formulations have been tested by a chemist and each formulation has a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR). All of our product labelling is in line with the current legislation. We have full Public Liability Insurance.

Cruelty Free

All of the products in the Truly Artisan collection are handmade in small batches using the finest natural ingredients which are sourced from creditable suppliers. All of the ingredients used in our products are marked as cruelty free. We never choose ingredients that are not credited as cruelty free. As a result, all of the products in the Truly Artisan collection are 100% cruelty free.

Inbound Packaging

All of the packaging that enters our business (boxes, bottles etc) are all sorted and where possible reused. What cannot be reused within our business is sent for recycling.

Outbound Packaging

As a business our products need to be packaged in something. We choose very simple packaging that helps us to control the cost of the product. We also choose packaging that can be reused or recycled. All of the packaging used to dispatch orders is recyclable and we only ever use paper bags on our market stalls. Single use plastics are not welcome in our business.

None Truly Artisan Products

We proudly make the majority of our products, however we are still a new business and we do buy in some products... shampoo bars, deodorants. We only buy in from companies that sell cruelty free products.


Each fragrance in the Truly Artisan collection, from our Nighttime Hand Cream to our Yule Candle, has been created by ourselves using ethically sourced essential oils. We do not use synthetic, chemical formulated fragrances.All of our fragrance blends are exclusive to Truly Artisan.

Palm Oil Free

The Truly Artisan collection is free from palm oil.

Plant-Based Products

The majority of our products are plant-based however there are several products that contain beeswax and/or local honey. A full list of vegan products can be found here.

Ingredients and Allergens

Allowing our customers to shop with confidence is a priority for us. Each product in the Truly Artisan collection has all of the ingredients listed as well as the allergens found naturally in the essential oils that we use. Should you have any questions regarding the ingredients we use, please reach out via email.

Standards and Procedures

As a business we are always striving to be good and do good, however we are still a new business and we are always striving to be better and do better. We are always reviewing our procedures to see where positive changes can be made.

Social Media

We believe that our social media platforms should not just be about sales. We strive to produce content that is informative and empowering as well as shining a light on our journey and the creative and production process. We also use our social media platforms to promote other small businesses as well as the causes that matter to us.

We are a small business and we are trying our best to develop a business whilst trying to manage our impact on the planet. We are not striving to be perfect but we are striving to do good, and do it the best we can. As we grow, so will our ability to do good.