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Natural Deodorants

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Our natural deodorants are made with naturally effective ingredients such as pure essential oils and natural extracts. They won't block pores or irritate your skin and they don't contain aluminum, alcohol, or artificial fragrances.

  • A natural roll-on deodorant made with pure essential oils

  • No aluminium, alcohol or synthetic parfums

  • Day-long odour protection without any nasties!


A gentle yet effectively refreshing and soothing deodorant. Made with natural ingredients specifically selected for their deodorising properties.

Suitable for all skin types but especially kind to sensitive skin.

Why use a natural deodorant?

Many mass-produced antiperspirants contain aluminum salts, alcohol, and parfum which can be irritating to the skin and clog pores. This can stop your skin from being able to breathe and can cause many problems including skin infections and unsightly boils or spots.

Our natural deodorants not only allow your skin to breathe but provide day-long protection against body odour keeping you feeling fresh. They’re made with carefully selected naturally deodorising pure essential oils that take care of nasty smells and look after your skin. They don't contain any aluminum, alcohol, or synthetic parfums.

These effective deodorants are kind to your skin and you can relax in the knowledge that only the finest natural ingredients have been used to create them. Our smart roll-on bottles ensure that the deodorant goes exactly where you want and that there’s no wastage as experienced with spray deodorants.

Vegan Friendly

Natural Deodorants

Natural Deodorants

£4.00 Regular price £6.00