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Truly Artisan x Little Bird Made


Truly Artisan x Little Bird Made is our latest collaboration. As many of you will know, we trade at the Little Bird Markets every weekend over in North Yorkshire. Recently the director of Little Bird Markets and a long-term friend of ours, Jackie Crozier, announced the companies charity for 2022, British Heart Foundation. Both Andrew and I have lost loved ones to heart disease and heart attack so it felt very natural to set up this collab. We designed the fragrance for this candle has been inspired by the markets that Jackie visited when she traveled around Thailand with notes of lime, lemongrass, ginger, and basil essential oils. This truly is an invigorating and refreshing fragrance.

£3 from the sale of every Truly Artisan x Little Bird Made candle goes to the Little Bird Markets fundraising efforts for the British Heart Foundation.


Handpoured, artisan soy candle that burns clean and with very little wax waste.

A natural alternative for those who are seeking to get away from synthetic fragrances and ingredients which are often toxic.

Fragrance: Made with bespoke blend essential oils


  • Lime uplifting and energising
  • Lemongrass stimulating and revitalising
  • Ginger stimulating and energising
  • Basil stimulating and concentration boosting

Notes: Spicy and earthy, sweet and herbal, refreshing and zesty

Burn time: 30 - 40 hours

Our essential oils are ethically sourced.


Please recycle or upcycle all packaging. 

Check out our page on Candle Safety and please ensure that you read the safety label on each of our home fragrance products.

Truly Artisan x Little Bird Made

Truly Artisan x Little Bird Made