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Yule | Fir, Clove & Cardamon


At Samhain, we honour, celebrate and welcome the descent into, and return of, the dark. At the Winter Solstice/Yule, we reach the depth of that darkness with the longest night of the year. Darkness has reached its peak.

At Yule, a wonderful thing happens. The Sun stops its decline and for a few days, it rises in about the same place. This is the crucial time, the cusp between events. The Sun stands still, and everyone waits for the turning. 

The Sun does start north again and the light comes back. This is indeed something worth celebrating, and it has been celebrated throughout the Northern Hemisphere in remarkably similar ways.

Evergreens are associated with the celebration of Yule and they represent everlasting life. They were traditionally hung around doorways and windows. Our Yule candle pays tribute to evergreens of the season such as holly, ivy, and pine.


Handpoured, artisan soy candle that burns longer and cleaner, transporting you into a snow-covered pine forest on a starry night.

A natural alternative for those who are seeking to get away from synthetic fragrances and ingredients which are often toxic.

Fragrance: Made with bespoke blend essential oils


  • Fir Needle uplifting and energising
  • Clove comforting and uplifting
  • Cardamon soothing

Our essential oils are ethically sourced.

Allergens: Eugenol, ISO Eugenol, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Cinnamal, Coumarin, Benzyl Cinnamate, Linalool, Citral, Geraniol, Limonene

*Wax Melts: We have introduced a new hybrid wax melt, a blend of eco-friendly soy wax and organic beeswax. If you are looking for a toxin-free wax melt, then these are for you. Like our Yule candle, the new wax melts are made with essential oils so the fragrance is subtle and natural. We don't add synthetic colours, mica, or glitter, just a sprinkling of dried flowers.

Collection: Celebrate the first harvest with our Lammas collection.

Check out our page on Candle Safety and please ensure that you read the safety label on each of our home fragrance products.

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Yule | Fir, Clove & Cardamon

Yule | Fir, Clove & Cardamon

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